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Cancellation, return or refund policies

Right of return:

In consideration of the expected delivery terms and conditions, and in compliance with the applicable regulations, the product return process may be carried out taking into account the following return policies defined by the Company and covered by current regulations: a) The return request must be notified to Ragged within thirty (30) days following receipt of the product. To request a refund, the customer must contact the customer service line number (1-800-745-8516) , or via email [email protected]. c) The product in promotion or acquired through the offers section is not subject to return, said product can only be returned in case of quality disagreement, not proceeding the return of the product in promotion for taste, reference or size.

– Disclaimer:

Ragged will be exonerated from all responsibility for any damage or variation that the product may suffer derived from an event or circumstance caused by force majeure or fortuitous event, which has had an improper use of the good by the client, ignoring the labeled instructions related to the product. use and care of the product, or that the action of a third party may have caused damage to the product.

– Return policy:

You can return the Ragged purchase made in our online store within 30 days from the date of receipt of the package for exchange reasons or 90 days for quality reasons. If the reason for the return is quality, you can choose to change the product, return the money or a balance in points to make your next purchase. If the return is made outside this period or the item has been used, damaged or has not been sent in its original packaging, Ragged will not be able to accept the return and will not be able to refund the payment. Clothing returns will only be accepted if the original labeling has not been removed. It is important that when you make the return you take into account all the products of the same order that you want to return. In the event that you request a second return of the same order, Ragged reserves the right to accept or reject the second request.

Promotional products or products purchased in the offers section can only be exchanged for quality, the return of the promotional product by reference, color or size does not apply.

exchange policy:

You can change the product in physical stores or through the online store, by contacting the customer service line at number (1-800-745-8516) , or by email [email protected] within less than thirty days. days (30 days) for clothing and five days (5 days) for accessories after purchase, presenting the purchase invoice. To make the changes, you must take into account:

-The products in promotion or purchased in the offers section cannot be changed for size, color or reference, only for quality reasons.

-The swimsuits only have change for quality.

-Bodysuits are considered underwear, therefore they can only be changed by guarantee.

-The changes will be made for the commercial value at which they were acquired.

-The possibility of change is subject to inventory availability.

-The garments must be returned unused, or washed, and with the original labels and packaging.

-Only one change per purchase is authorized.

– Damaged or defective products:

For Ragged, the excellent quality of its products is one of the decisive factors for the customer when making a purchase. For this reason, all our production and manufacturing efforts are focused on offering products of the highest quality, ensuring the loyalty of our customers.

In case of receiving a damaged or defective product, Ragged’s quality control department must review it to identify the reason for the return and the damage caused to the product, verifying that if it is the result of a manufacturing defect, the importer will return it. total paid by the client; but, if it is found that the damage of the product is a consequence of the returned products; If the damage is a consequence of the lack of care and misuse of the garment or due to an event generated by force majeure or fortuitous event, Ragged will refrain from reimbursing what was initially paid for the product, and will return the item purchased in the same conditions. in which it was received to be reviewed in terms of quality. Ragged refrains from refunding the money paid for the products purchased in the following cases:

(A.) If the products have been purchased through any distribution and/or marketing channel other than our virtual store

(B.) If the products show damage caused by misuse or negligence (exposure tos chemicals, caustics, open flame source, high heat, sharp objects, etc.)

(C.) If the products present damage caused by improper use or by disregarding the washing instructions contained in the labels attached to the product they contain

information regarding the care of the fabrics.